Davie, FL

Davie is a city in Broward County, Florida; the city resides in the South Florida Metropolitan Area and has a total population of about 6,012,331 residents.

Davie is located near major transited highways such as I-595 and I-75. Davie is a great location because it is near Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Weston, Plantation, and Hollywood.

Davie is an ideal city for families and local businesses. Some nice places to visit near Davie are: Tower Shops(for shopping and dining), Paragon Ridge 8 Movie Theater, Flamingo Gardens, and there are also beautiful nature parks to go for a picnic or for a walk, such as Tree Tops Park and Vista View Park.

The famous Everglades National Park is also located near Davie, Fl where many explorers and photographers love to go enjoy the outdoors and learn about the diverse and unique species that call South Florida home.

Davie is also known for delicious restaurants that offer a wide range of organic meals, to Italian, Hispanic, and Asian cuisines. The population in Davie has had a significant growth in the past few years, and with that growth, there have been new cultures innovating the cuisines and the environment in the area that has turned Davie to be the fourth top populated community in the United States.

Davie offers a great education for families with young children, teenagers, and young adults, including some of the most notable universities and colleges like Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic University(Davie Campus), University of Florida(Davie Campus), and Broward College(Central Campus).

With all of Davie’s great surroundings and beautiful nature, Davie is also known to have some of the most beautiful communities of homes in South Florida to be able to enjoy all of the wonderful things the city of Davie has to offer.

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For your convenience, we have provided some resources for the city of Davie below and places to visit.

Town of Davie

Davie Department of Police

Tower Shops in Davie, FL

Tree Tops Park

Vista View Park

Flamingo Gardens