Hollywood, FL

Hollywood is a delightful city filled with a chill, island vibe, perfect for nature lovers and those who love to spend their days at the beach. Hollywood is a city in South Florida, located in Broward County. The major transited highways near Hollywood are I-95 and I-595.

Hollywood is in between the two cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It is a city with a great location because it’s close to everything and it’s a perfect place for families. Some things to do in Hollywood are: to go visit the beautiful Hollywood Beach Boardwalk for a swim, to eat, and to listen to some of their free live performances, Anne Kolb Nature Center, Oleta River State Park, John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, to just name a few places.

Hollywood is a relaxed city filled with beautiful sites to go spend a nice weekend by the water and the surrounding nature preserves, where you can go on an adventure to see all the native species in South Florida or even rent a boat to explore the city by water. Hollywood is also a wonderful place to go out for happy hours, and to enjoy an afternoon at a nice restaurant by the marina. Hollywood has something to do for everyone and is a place where you can truly relax and have fun at the same time.

Hollywood is also known for having good local businesses, and a great education for families with children and teens. Some well-known schools in the area are Embassy Creek Elementary School, Beachside Montessori Village, Sheridan Technical Center, City College Hollywood, and more.

Hollywood is also known to have some beautiful homes near the beach for families, young couples, as well as retired residents. Some great places include The Peninsula, Five Star Premier Residences of Hollywood, Emerald Park of Hollywood, to just name a few.

Hollywood is a wonderful place for people who love the outdoors, but also like the trendy vibes of the city life. Hollywood has a little bit for everyone and it can be called one of the local places in South Florida that people just can’t get enough of. Hollywood represents a little treasure in the Sunshine State, delighting all its residents and visitors with entertainment, nature, music, and lovely beaches.

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