Starry Night at Big Cypress National Preserve

April 10, 2018

As you all know, on my free time, I love spending it with my family and exploring the outdoors! Photography has always filled me up in a way that I can express myself creatively. Being able to share my adventures through photographs, is one of my favorite hobbies because in each one you take, you capture the moment, and that is priceless!

I recently heard about this event at the Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida, that allows you to witness one of the darkest night skies! When I heard that, I thought it would be amazing to go see for the first time! And I went! The views are spectacular! You can clearly see groups of stars lighting up the night sky in all its brightness. It is truly magical!

It was a nice experience because the park ranger gave us all the tour, and pointed out the constellations in the sky for us to see, as well as many people, brought their telescopes to see the planets, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies like the Milky Way.

I had such a wonderful time! I’ve always have had an admiration for the stars, they twinkle in such delicacy and delight. I thought it was beautiful! I’ve always had the impression that in the mountains you can see the stars better. I didn’t know that South Florida offered this lovely treasure for the community to enjoy! And the best part of it all is that the event happens a few times a year, which is awesome! Just write down the date, and go visit! You won’t regret it!

The event and tour are open to the public and is absolutely FREE.

For more information regarding future events at the Big Cypress National Preserve Florida