The Whole Idea of Modern Interior Decor

April 10, 2018

Thinking about remodeling your home? Moving to a new place?

Nowadays, in this time and age, modern/contemporary interior decor has become widely common for buyers. You might be asking yourself, why modern? Out of so many styles and varieties of homes that exist, the modern interior decor has skyrocketed throughout the years, due to its simplicity, elegance, and is affordable.

Even though at times, it may not look affordable, when you add up the numbers, it really is! The whole idea of modern interior decor is to make a home look elegant, by not spending too much money adding too many unnecessary things that take up space and accumulate dust. When you go in the modern interior decor style: the house becomes more spacious, easier to clean, more organized, and looks elegant at the same time. Sometimes extravagance is not the key, simplicity just might be it!

The floor is a huge thing in the modern look. The floors of the home should be smooth wood or tiles, but never carpet. The carpet is at times used but small decorative carpets placed on top of the wooden/tiled floors. But, to have the entire house carpet? No, because it gives space for insects and the carpet texture is easier to stain, and harder to clean. Wooden floors or tiles can be cleaned much easier, and if an insect comes into the home, it will be much easier to see!

The lighting is also very important. Led lights, track lighting, recessed lighting, make the walls around the house look very clean and fresh. Spotlight lights are also very beautiful if you want to place them on top of paintings or pictures on the walls. It adds a touch of creativity and wonder to the home, which is ideal for art lovers!

Usage of metals, stones, and glass add an interesting tone to the home making it contemporary and more of a city-look, with natural touches. Small plants, bamboos, or flowers, can be added in small vases around the living room, bedroom, and bathrooms, to add a relaxed feel to the home, and make it look modern, but serene as well, including a little bit of all the elements to add balance to the home.

A touch of dazzle here and there can really go a long way!

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